We are a youth & parent development academy with an emphasis on four main areas in which we offer signature courses: entrepreneurship, financial literacy, leadership & personal development. The academy was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur Timothy Simpson AKA Tim The Motivator who was himself a kidpreneur, teenpreneur and owner/operator of 12 businesses in 7 different industries as an adult before launching JR CEO ACADEMY. 

The mission to help 1 million families (youth & parents) launch profitable businesses and prosper in life. The objective is to teach youth & adults practical information that they can apply in their life to enrich to improve their standard of living. The academy focuses heavily on entrepreneurship to help curve crime & poverty.


Through JR CEO ACADEMY parents and youth can receive 4 different certifications based on completion of the four pillar courses: leadership, entrepreneurship, financial literacy & personal development.

Youth Mentorship

JR CEO ACADEMY currently mentors some of the brightest youth in the world. We guide you & your youths progress and mentor your transition into business & entrepreneurship. We also offer a masterclass course called Rich By 21for students that excel & MisGuided Ambiton for trouble youth. For college students we offer a modified version of JR CEO ACADEMY called Graduate & Hire Yourself!

Parent Empowerment 

We help you the parent to launch your business and get on track to build financial freedom and generational wealth. We believe in family business, multiple streams of income, financial literacy and wealth building.

“Business is the ultimate sport, it has a much better return on your investment than other sports. I want to make entrepreneurship & business the most popular sport"

Timothy Simpson/Founder

“My two loves are basketball and business. I am 13 and I want to teach my peers and younger to embrace entrepreneurship confidently"

Tyler Simpson/Vice President.

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